Security Workshops

In-depth, practical sessions on how to strengthen information & cyber security.

With a practical and interactive format, our Security Workshops provide in-depth learning on a range of business critical topics that are essential for the development of your organisation’s security hygiene. 

These workshops are a great place to build your own information and cybersecurity skills so you’re fully prepared to face new security challenges.

As well as enabling you to learn from leading security experts via panels and presentations, these sessions also present a chance to engage and network with your peers as you develop your skills through group work.  

Why attend?

  • Get the practical skills you need to ensure your company is prepared to combat cyber-attacks
  • Strengthen your personal contribution to your organisation’s security hygiene
  • Build connections and network with your peers within the information and cyber security industry

Who should attend?

As these workshops cover a broad range of topic areas, each session will appeal to those with different interests, concerns and skills. See our updated programme to evaluate which of these workshops is most appropriate for the specific cybersecurity skills you’re looking to cultivate.