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SecureData offers a range of tailored high-level data protection capabilities through a set of services and products. These include hardware encrypted portable data storage devices, backup solutions, file repair software, data recovery, and digital forensics services to help clients in the regulated industries to achieve their data security objectives.


  • SecureDrive® BT

    SecureDrive® BT is the world’s first hardware encrypted drive that is user-authenticated via a mobile device (Android/iPhone, tablet or Apple Watch). ...

  • SecureUSB® BT

    SecureUSB® BT is the world’s first and only hardware encrypted flash drive that is user-authenticated via a mobile device (Android/iPhone, tablet or A...

  • SecureDrive® KP

    SecureDrive® KP is the thinnest hardware encrypted portable drive with user authentication via onboard keypad. The wear-resistant keypad prevents atta...

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    3255 Cahuenga Blvd W Ste 301 Los Angeles CA 90068-1778 United States
    Tel:  +1 8003881266

Product Categories

  1. Product Categories
    Business Continuity / Incident Response
    • Data Breach Incident Management
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Incident Response
    Data Protection
    • Data Breaches
    • Data Loss Prevention
    • Privacy
    • Secure Disposal
    • Secure Storage
    Digital Forensics
    • Data Breach Incident Management
    • Fraud Detection
    • IT Forensics
    • Log Management
    • SSL
    Identity Access Management
    • Two-factor Authentication
    Managed Services
    • Cloud Security