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RepKnight is changing the world of cybersecurity from the outside in. We believe that digital protection of your business goes beyond your network and across your supply chain. Our innovative solutions monitor the open, deep and Dark Web for your data outside the network perimeter and for any potential threats. RepKnight is now SKURIO - we have changed our name.


  • BreachAlert™

    BreachAlert is a secure SaaS solution to identify external threats and breaches specific to your business with automated surface, deep and Dark Web mo...

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  • BreachAlert Product Information for Data Breach Detection & Dark Web Monitoring 969 KB

    We keep watch for your data outside the perimeter BreachAlert monitors the open, deep and dark web to discover if your data has been breached and identify potential threats to your business.

    14 Jun 2019

  • Protecting your Data With BreachMarkers 987 KB

    We can watermark the data held across your entire supply chain to keep an eye on data held by third parties, in third party cloud solutions, or stored in the shadow IT systems your employees use.

    14 Jun 2019

  • 50 Ways to Loose Your Data 1.29 MB

    Your business data can get out of your organisation in many different ways, but most of the time it isn't from a cyber attack on your network. Time to look outside your perimeter and find out.

    14 Jun 2019


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    Weavers Court Linfield Industrial Estate Linfield Road Belfast BT12 5GH United Kingdom

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    Business Continuity / Incident Response
    • Data Breach Incident Management
    • Governance
    Data Protection
    • Data Breaches
    • Information Risk Management
    Digital Forensics
    • Data Breach Incident Management
    • Fraud Detection
    Human Factors
    • Insider Threat
    Managed Services
    • Consulting & Professional Services
    • Security-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    Risk Management
    • Threat Intelligence

Case Studies

  • Breast Cancer Now and BreachAlert

    Read how a leading UK charity uses BreachAlert for data breach detection and dark web monitoring, to protect their employee and donor data.

White Papers

  • 50 Ways to Lose Your Data:...

    This paper reviews the many different ways your data can get out of your organisation, most of which are not from cyber attacks. Your network now exte...

  • Protecting Your Customer Data with...

    Read this white paper to learn how the use of unique BreachMarker™ identifiers can widen your corporate threat detection surface. This simple techniqu...


  • BreachAlert Product Brochure

    Two page overview of key features and benefits of BreachAlert - the automated Dark Web monitoring and data breach detection solution.