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Agari is the market leader in phishing defence solutions for the enterprise, including identity impersonation, business email compromise, and spoofing of display name and corporate domain. Through applied science the Agari Identity Graph™ uniquely models ‘sender and receiver’ identity and behaviour, giving business context to every email risk decision.


  • Agari Phishing Defense

    Agari Phishing Defense stops 99.987% of all advanced email threats including business email compromise, executive spoofing, and account takeover-based...

  • Agari Phishing Response

    Agari Phishing Response is the only turnkey solution purpose-built for Microsoft Office 365 to automate the process of phishing incident response, rem...

  • Secure Office 365 with Agari

    As you move to Office 365, secure your email with the next generation of Advanced Threat Protection for email. Agari Advanced Threat Protection levera...

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  • Agari Brand Protection 410 KB

    This solution brief describes how customer trust in your email communications can be restored.

    09 Sep 2019

  • Stop Identity-based Email Attacks 1.45 MB

    This solution brief explains how customer phishing, business email compromise and account takeover-based email attacks are three of the most damaging attacks cybercriminals are profiting from today.

    09 Sep 2019

  • Agari Cyber Intelligence Division - London Blue Report 3.92 MB

    A report on how a UK-based multinational gang runs BEC scams like a modern corporation

    09 Sep 2019

  • Agari Phishing Defense 289 KB

    Modern email attacks rely on low-tech, identity deception and social engineering. This solution brief describes how advanced email attacks that bypass existing defences can be eliminated.

    09 Mar 2020

  • Agari Phishing Response 484 KB

    Using continuous detection and response technology to simplify and accelerate threat hunting by instantly discovering all email attacks that match newly discovered IoC's across all inboxes.

    09 Mar 2020

  • Secure Office365 with Agari Phishing Defense and Response 617 KB

    As you move to Office 365, secure your email with the next generation of advanced phishing protection - the Agari Phishing Defense.

    09 Mar 2020

  • Cyber gang Dossier - Scarlet Widow 2.76 MB

    How a romance scam gang made its move to BEC scams. Breaking hearts and stealing bitcoins.

    09 Mar 2020

  • Guide to getting started with DMARC 1.90 MB

    SPF, DKIM and DMARC are old standards for authenticating the email channel. This guide helps you understand them better and implementation tips.

    09 Mar 2020

  • Inside the core of Agari technology 1.67 MB

    How has Agari revolutionized email security? See inside the Agari Identity Graph - the core of the Agari technology - to learn how we model 'the good' to quickly identify 'the bad'.

    09 Mar 2020

  • Account take-over attacks 1.89 MB

    An account take-over turns into an insider threat. The damage could quickly escalate to a data breach. This whitepaper outlines how to protect against this type of attack.

    09 Mar 2020


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    68 Lombard Street London London EC3V 9LJ United Kingdom

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Case Studies

  • Fortune 500 Chemical company and Agari...

    This Fortune 500 Chemical company found Agari Brand Protection features and functionality of DMARC, SPF, DKIM Email Authentication Policy Management m...

  • Customer Case Study - Merc & Co

    Merck & Co. evaluated and ultimately selected Agari Brand Protection to: Protect employees against business email compromise or executive spoofing at...

  • Agari with Office 365 case study

    EOP with O365 ATP was our primary solution but cybercriminals had gotten very good at avoiding these controls. We needed a solution that understood th...

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