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Cytomic is the division of Panda Security specialized on the security needs of large organizations with higher levels of cybersecurity requirements. We lead the disruptive technological advance, where every device is its own SOC, with Threat Hunting, Zero-Trust App and the Classification of 100% of processes. Defensive, adaptive, efficient and resilient cybersecurity_


  • Cytomic EPDR

    Integrated Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response and Zero-Trust App Service. Cytomic EPDR prevents, detects and responds to any type of known ...

  • Cytomic Orion

    Threat actors continually evolve their techniques to retain their stealth and evade existing controls. This cat and mouse game forces security teams t...

  • Cytomic Insights

    Cytomic Insights aggregates all the data gathered, correlating and graphically presenting it in real time to offer granular visibility into any event ...

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  • Cytomic Portfolio 6.78 MB

    The cybersecurity unit for large enterprises_ Knowing what large companies need is what makes us their perfect cybersecurity unit_

    20 Jan 2020


  • Contact Information

    28231 Las Rozas de Madrid Madrid Spain

Product Categories

  1. Product Categories
    • Anti-Virus
    Application Security
    • Patch Management
    • AI/Machine Learning
    Business Continuity / Incident Response
    • Incident Response
    Data Protection
    • Data Loss Prevention
    Digital Forensics
    • IT Forensics
    Human Factors
    • Insider Threat
    Managed Services
    • Cloud Security
    • Managed Security Services
    • Security-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    Network Security
    • End Point Security
    • Incident/Intrusion Detection
    • Intrusion Prevention/Detection
    Risk Management
    • Security Analytics
    • Vulnerability Management


  • Cytomic

    Knowing what large companies need is what makes us their perfect cybersecurity unit_ Threat Hunting is what we do, Security is who we are_ While oth...

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