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Devo Security Operations is a next-gen SIEM that provides analysts with an integrated workflow that closes the gap between detection and response. Built on top of a scalable data analytics platform, Devo Security Operations is the first SIEM to combine threat detection, threat investigation, forensic analysis, & threat intelligence, all with an entity-based approach.

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  • Devo Security Operations Data Sheet 679 KB

    Devo Security Operations leverages powerful data analytics, a streamlined workflow, and entity modeling—all with a security practitioner’s mindset. Read this data sheet to learn more!

    10 Mar 2020


  • Contact Information

    Calle Estebanez Calderón, 3-5 5th Floor Madrid 28020 Spain
    Tel:  +34 913088331

Product Categories

  1. Product Categories
    Business Continuity / Incident Response
    • Data Breach Incident Management
    • Incident Response
    • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
    Digital Forensics
    • Data Breach Incident Management
    • Fraud Detection
    • IT Forensics
    • Log Management
    Managed Services
    • Cloud Security
    • Security-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    Network Security
    • Incident/Intrusion Detection
    • Security Monitoring
    Risk Management
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Security Analytics
    • Threat Intelligence