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Products: Cloud Security


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  • Secret Server

    Company:   Thycotic

    • E205

    Protects against cyber-attacks that use privileged accounts to strike at the core of the enterprise. Rated #1 in customer satisfaction by industry ana...

  • SecureAge Data Diode

    Company:   SecureAge Technology

    • Y55

    The SecureAge Closed Network System provides a complete solution that encompasses both hardware and software. The solution includes the powerful File-...

  • SecureAPlus

    Company:   SecureAge Technology

    • Y55

    Clicked on some ransomware? Panic? Not with SecureAPlus. Application control inside SecureAPlus blocks all ransomware, malware, fileless attacks and m...

  • SecureData

    Company:   SecureAge Technology

    • Y55

    SecureData makes stolen data useless. Data remains protected even if taken by a rogue employee, contractor or compromised user account. SecureData’s p...

  • Security Management Server (SMS)

    Company:   SecureAge Technology

    • Y55

    SecureAge Security Management Server enables enterprises to centrally control all SecureAge software deployment. It provides central policy control, a...

  • Security Manager

    Company:   FireMon

    • M120

    FireMon’s Security Manager removes network complexity and improves enterprise security posture with unparalleled visibility and automated analysis of ...

  • SensorFleet Solution

    Company:   SensorFleet

    • X49

    SensorFleet solution is an open, scalable and transparent cyber sensor platform for deploying and managing the detection, protection and scanning cap...

  • SocCyte - SOC Management platform

    Company:   Cybercyte

    • N54

    The importance of cybersecurity is constantly increasing as organisations are becoming more dependent on information technologies. Implementation of S...

  • SRX5400, SRX5600, and SRX5800 Services...

    Company:   Juniper Networks

    • L85

    The Juniper Networks® SRX5400, SRX5600, and SRX5800 Services Gateways are next-generation intelligent security platforms that deliver outstanding prot...

  • Switches to Support the Large Data...

    Company:   Fortinet

    • E120

    FortiSwitch Data Center and Secure Access Switches are cost-effective and flexible, and are available in a wide range of models to fit any environment...