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    Company:   SentinelOne

    • E235

    ActiveEDR is able to identify malicious acts in real time, automating the required responses and allowing easy threat hunting by searching on a single...

  • Advanced Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    Company:   F5 Networks

    • Gallery Suite 2

    Protects against the latest wave of attacks using behavioural analytics, proactive bot defence, and application-layer encryption of sensitive data, su...


    Company:   AppViewX

    • K120

    AUTOMATION+ helps Enterprise IT manage, automate and orchestrate application delivery and network security services. AUTOMATION+ provides an applicati...

  • Argus Managed Defence

    Company:   mnemonic

    • X70

    Argus Managed Defence® provides 24x7 managed protection against cyberattacks and security threats targeting your business. With complete enterprise co...

  • Barracuda Essentials for Office 365,...

    Company:   Barracuda Networks

    • F160

    Barracuda's email security products (Essentials for Email Security, Essentials for Office 365 and Email Security Gateway) extend comprehensive protect...

  • Barracuda NextGen Firewalls

    Company:   Barracuda Networks

    • F160

    Designed for modern networks, our firewalls are purpose-built to help adopt cloud-based business applications and improve user productivity across hig...

  • Barracuda Web Application Firewall

    Company:   Barracuda Networks

    • F160

    Barracuda Web Application Firewall (WAF) gives your DevOps and application security teams comprehensive security that is easy to deploy and manage. Ph...

  • BluVector Cortex

    Company:   BluVector

    • N140
    shared with Virginia Economic Development Partnership

    BluVector Cortex is transforming how security teams detect, triage and respond to security events. Born to leverage machine learning for advanced thre...

  • Bulletproof Penetration Testing

    Company:   Bulletproof

    • D230

    By using all the tools and tricks available to real-world attackers, Bulletproof Penetration Tests uncover weak points in your systems, infrastructure...

  • Cerebral

    Company:   Veriato

    • F225

    Cerebral provides an end-to-end integrated Insider threat intelligence platform that maximizes both security and efficiency while providing the concre...

  • Check Point Infinity

    Company:   Check Point Software Technologies Ltd

    • M24

  • Cloud Based DDoS Protection

    Company:   Neustar

    • G60

    Neustar SiteProtect NG cloud is the optimal choice for attacks too big for on-premises hardware to manage. Rely on our massive global network and scru...

  • CloudCare

    Company:   Avast Software, s.r.o

    • E268

    All-in-one, cloud-based security platform that helps IT professionals monitor threats and deliver layered security services to multiple offices, netwo...

  • Cognito Detect

    Company:   Vectra

    • D130

    A critical part of the Cognito® cyberattack-detection and threat-hunting platform, Cognito Detect™ from Vectra® is the fastest, most efficient way to ...

  • Corelight Sensors

    Company:   Corelight Inc.

    • M150

    Corelight Sensors go where your traffic goes. Whether it’s on-premise, cloud traffic, satellite offices or large data centers, Corelight lets you depl...

  • CowdStrike Falcon Insight

    Company:   CROWDSTRIKE

    • C220

    CrowdStrike Falcon Insight eliminates silent failure by providing the highest level of real-time monitoring capabilities that span across detection, r...

  • CowdStrike Falcon OverWatch

    Company:   CROWDSTRIKE

    • C220

    MANAGED THREAT HUNTING. 24/7 PROTECTION The world-class Falcon OverWatch team augments your existing resources and via the Falcon Platform, adds expe...

  • CrowdStrike Falcon Discover

    Company:   CROWDSTRIKE

    • C220

    Falcon Discover is powered by the Falcon agent and the CrowdStrike cloud to deliver visibility without affecting endpoint performance. Falcon Disco...

  • CrowdStrike Falcon™ Platform

    Company:   CROWDSTRIKE

    • C220

    CrowdStrike’s pioneering cloud-delivered endpoint protection platform delivers & unifies next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response (E...

  • CSIRT stacks

    Company:   NRD Cyber Security

    • H190

    CSIRT provides a reliable and trusted single point of contact for reporting computer security incidents. The solution allows you to prevent, detect ...

  • Cyber sensor technology "DeepEye"

    Company:   NRD Cyber Security

    • H190

    The technology provides visibility allows timely detection, mitigation, and response coordination to cyber-attacks in CIIs at national and CIIs’ level...

  • Cybereason's Incident Response Services

    Company:   Cybereason

    • D110

    In a real-life security incident there are no do-overs. Executing flawless incident response requires a team of experts you can call on to respond qui...

  • CyberObserver

    Company:   Cyber Observer

    • J30

    CyberObserver is a holistic cybersecurity management and awareness solution. It continuously measures the cybersecurity status of an organization’s se...

  • Cyren DNS Security

    Company:   CYREN

    • K125

    Cyren DNS Security is an automated, location-based service for managing and protecting web usage. It allows you to quickly and easily protect your em...

  • Cytomic EPDR

    Company:   Cytomic

    • D60
    shared with Panda Security

    Integrated Endpoint Protection, Detection and Response and Zero-Trust App Service. Cytomic EPDR prevents, detects and responds to any type of known ...

  • DatAlert

    Company:   Varonis

    • E100

    Real-time alerts for file servers, NAS, Exchange, SharePoint, and Active Directory. 70% of companies find out about breaches through their customer...

  • Deep visibility

    Company:   SentinelOne

    • E235

    Deep Visibility supports the needs of Enterprise IT and provides visibility into encrypted traffic into all endpoints so that responses can be prioriti...

  • Desktop Central

    Company:   ManageEngine

    • D80

    Desktop Central is a unified endpoint management solution that helps in managing servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central l...

  • Detect and stop threats better with our...

    Company:   Cisco

    • F120

  • DeviceLock DLP

    Company:   DEVICELOCK CY LTD

    • T152

    The DeviceLock DLP solution addresses the needs of organizations of any size and industry that require a simple and affordable approach to preventing ...

  • DiOTa

    Company:   Owl Cyber Defense

    • M158

    DiOTa is a defense-in-depth appliance for one-way data transfer, built on hardware-enforced data diode technology and designed specifically for operat...

  • DNS Blast

    Company:   EfficientIP

    World’s Fastest DNS Appliance with the Most Advanced Security Features DNS Blast delivers carrier-grade DNS performance, enhancing security while red...

  • DNS Guardian

    Company:   EfficientIP

    Spot DNS Attacks with Behavioral Threat Detection DNS Guardian delivers built-in security to cache, recursive and authoritative DNS servers. It is th...


    Company:   Farsight Security, Inc

    • T150

    The world's largest real-time and historical DNS intelligence database.

  • edgescan - Fullstack Vulnerability...

    Company:   Edgescan

    • K140

    Validated web application vulnerability scanning on demand. Server Vulnerability Assessment (Scanning and Validation) covering over 90,000 CVE’s. C...

  • Endpoint Privilege Management

    Company:   BeyondTrust

    • E80

    Enforce Least Privilege and Eliminate Local Admin Rights Remove excessive end user privileges and control applications on Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, ...

  • Endpoint protection platform

    Company:   SentinelOne

    • E235

    By applying machine learning and AI, SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) proactively protects organizations from advanced threats, detects ...

  • Enterprise Application Access

    Company:   Akamai Technologies

    • E185

    Enterprise Application Access is a fundamentally new approach to remote access management that is easy for IT, provides inherently better security, an...

  • Enterprise Immune System

    Company:   Darktrace

    • B60

    Powered by machine learning and a novel branch of Bayesian probability theory developed by specialists from the University of Cambridge, Darktrace is ...

  • Enterprise Security

    Company:   Bitdefender

    • D70

    Endpoint security fit for your offices, datacenters and public cloud. - Single security delivery platform provides best protection and performance ...

  • Enterprise Threat Protector

    Company:   Akamai Technologies

    • E185

    Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP) enables security teams to proactively identify, block, and mitigate targeted threats such as malware, ransomware, ph...

  • Ericom Shield

    Company:   Ericom Software Ltd.

    • M65

    Leveraging Ericom’s proven virtualisation and browsing technologies, Ericom Shield creates an isolated “safezone” that protects corporate networks and...

  • EVI

    Company:   Relate Data

    • J40

    A "Unified Security Portal" combining all network security tools into a single solution. Consisting of several modules such as: Vulnerability Manag...

  • External Infrastructure Penetration Test

    Company:   Pentest People Ltd

    • H206

    This type of assessment is concerned with assessing the external, Internet-facing infrastructure of your corporate network. The level of access to the...

  • ExtraHop Addy

    Company:   ExtraHop Networks

    The First Machine Learning Service In the Cloud for Wire Data Providing real-time situational insight so you can take a proactive, data-driven approa...

  • ExtraHop Platform

    Company:   ExtraHop Networks

    Real-Time Analytics for Performance Monitoring and Network Security, Backed by Machine Learning We’ve created a fundamentally new way to analyse ever...

  • ExtraHop Reveal(x) Network Traffic...

    Company:   ExtraHop Networks

    Reveal(x) provides the visibility, insights, and answers that security analysts need to respond quickly and confidently to the highest priority threat...

  • ExtraHop Security

    Company:   ExtraHop Networks

    Detect Everything. Automate Investigations.Reduce Dwell Time. Evolve Security Talent. At ExtraHop, we’ve created a fundamentally new way to analyse e...