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Gain practical insight and expert advice from Infosec leaders, influencers, and senior decision-makers to protect critical information assets.



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  • CISOs, you can Finally Win the Impersonation and Phishing War

    Tuesday11:00 - 11:2520 Oct 2020
    Technology Showcase

    Bad actors utilize new technologies to come up with stronger phishing attacks and harder-to-detect impersonations. Social media phishing attacks, attacks on clo...

    • Language: English

  • Combatting Rogue URL Tricks: How you can Quickly Identify and Investigate the Latest Phishing Attacks

    Tuesday16:00 - 16:4520 Oct 2020
    Information Security Exchange

    Don't click phishy links. Everyone knows that. But are your end users prepared to quickly identify today's tricky tactics being used by the bad guys? Probably n...

    • Language: English

  • Cynalytica Securely Enabling Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Industry 4.0

    Tuesday16:00 - 16:2520 Oct 2020
    Technology Showcase

    Cynalytica delivers mature intrusion detection and behavioral monitoring tools for Industrial Control Systems and Industry 4.0. SerialGuard is a fail-safe senso...

    • Language: English

  • Change the Way Security Works

    Wednesday15:00 - 15:4521 Oct 2020
    Information Security Exchange

    Join us for an eye opening webinar, where we’ll lay out our vision for changing the way security works for the better. Learn ThreatConnect’s vision for using in...

    • Language: English

  • Critical Roles of Incident Response for your Security Defense

    Thursday11:00 - 11:2522 Oct 2020
    Technology Showcase

    Cyber Security is of paramount importance to all organisations. As the Covid-19 pandemic accelerates, and more companies work from home, the reliance on remote ...

    • Language: English

  • CISO’s in the Boardroom: Presenting Cyber Risk Storyboards with Confidence

    Thursday13:00 - 13:2522 Oct 2020
    Technology Showcase

    With cyber awareness on the rise, CISO’s finally have a seat at the table. But are you ready to present the state of your organisation with confidence to the bo...

    • Language: English

  • Cyber-pandemic: How to Combat the New Wave of Ransomware Attacks

    Thursday13:00 - 13:4522 Oct 2020
    Information Security Exchange

    In the battle against Ransomware, the hackers are winning. Ransomware is more dangerous than ever. Bad actors are using precise and novel techniques to gain acc...

    • Language: English