Cyber-Defenders - The Strongest Link in an Organisation’s Cybersecurity Strategy

  • Date 02 Jun 2020

Cyber-Defenders - The Strongest Link in an Organisation’s Cybersecurity Strategy

02 Jun 2020, 11:25 - 12:35

Keynote Stage

Human error remains a weak link in any security strategy, and it’s a challenge that still affects most organisations. However, users are also your first line of defence and as cybercriminals develop new methods of attack on a daily basis, your employees need to act as your human firewall. It’s up to security professionals to provide users with the tools they need to become the first line of cyber defence. What strategies can be put in place to educate employees on the importance of being cyber aware and the type of online threats that could impact the business? How do you create rules and processes that will help your team spot phishing emails and dubious scams? What steps do you need to take to change behaviour and strengthen security culture?

A Practical Approach to Managing the Risk of Insider Threats
David Boda will share practical and actionable insight into how to tackle insider threats and change the behaviour of employees, execs and the board.
Case Study Presented by: David Boda, Chief Information Security Officer, Camelot (National Lottery)

Building a People-Centric Programme to Drive Secure Behaviour
In this session, you will learn how to develop a truly effective cybersecurity engagement strategy by changing mindsets and behaviours, and winning hearts and minds to develop the right attitude across the workforce and set your users up for security success.

  • How to increase engagement in information security across the board and business to bring the whole organisation on the security journey
  • Investing in security awareness tools such as email filtering, gateways and antivirus to drive secure behaviour
  • Empowering your employees to constantly report suspicious threats
  • Raising security awareness with internal training using phishing simulation tools and cyber knowledge assessment quizzes to identify where the risks lie and develop a plan of action to mitigate these risks
  • How to measure the effectiveness of your awareness program

Panel Discussion Led by
: Mark D. Nicholls, Head of Information Security, CISO
Panellists: David Boda, Chief Information Security Officer, Camelot (National Lottery)
                  Dr Jessica Barker, Cybersecurity Consultant
                 James Packer, Head of Cyber Security, EF Education First