Insider Threats: Unmasking the Threats and Saving the Day!

  • Date 02 Jun 2020

Insider Threats: Unmasking the Threats and Saving the Day!

02 Jun 2020, 10:00 - 10:25

Strategy Talks

A discussion about what is classified as an insider threat, how to detect them and how with a few simple measures companies can prevent a situation from escalating. This talk tries to address a serious subject in a lighter dialogue and hopefully helps the audience realise we are all at risk, but that it is ok, we have a plan!

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discover how communication channels within departments can be just as effective as having the latest technological hardware
  2. Discover how Machine Learning can also be beneficial to save your SOC time
  3. Understand how filtering logs, and enriching them can save response time, and possibly even alert you before the damage is done!
  4. Understand how DLP policies can be good depending on the correct configuration

Presented by: Tasha Godwin, Security Consultant, Logically Secure


Business Issues covered

  1. What will this session help you to do?
    • Deliver security to drive and enable business growth‎
    • Understand internal and external threats and keep a business secure‎