GDPR 2 Years On: What's Changed and What You Need to Know

  • Date 02 Jun 2020

GDPR 2 Years On: What's Changed and What You Need to Know

02 Jun 2020, 11:15 - 11:45

Talking Tactics

The two years following the GDPR’s enforcement have been wrought with action, confusion, and a heightened sense of privacy awareness among the general public. Now that the regulation is law, what has changed and what do organisations need to know? This will share the top lessons learned, including insights after a data breach, best approaches to maintaining a GDPR compliant security and privacy programme and thoughts about the future of privacy, including ISO, ePrivacy, cyber security and more. Together, we'll provide practical advice and a guide to shifting GDPR efforts from a one-off activity into business as usual.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Hear lessons learned and what has changed during the first two years of the GDPR
  2. Breakdown what stakeholders, teams, tools and processes should come together to support the current (and future) privacy landscape
  3. Takeaway a step-by-step guide to shift your GDPR programme from a compliance checklist item into “business as usual"

Presented by: Ian Evans, Managing Director, EMEA, OneTrust 

Business Issues covered

  1. What will this session help you to do?
    • Clearly navigate and understand increasingly complex legislation‎
    • Select best fit products and solutions from the wide selection of vendors and products available‎