Addressing Cybersecurity Risks

  • Date 02 Jun 2020

Addressing Cybersecurity Risks

02 Jun 2020, 14:00 - 15:00

Virtual Conference

This session will explore the current state of the risk landscape, assess why phishing emails, ransomware, video hijacking and phone scams continue to be such resilient attack vectors and outline what makes an effective, modern cyber defence strategy.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. What are the new attacks, vulnerabilities, and tips for securing your systems, vendor access & data?
  2. How to protect your organisation and workforce from new risks and threats
  3. Learn how to better defend your network perimeter, filter out unauthorised access and malicious content, monitor and test security controls
  4. Establishing anti-malware defences and increased controls of all media and data access across your organisation & third party vendors

Moderated by: Greg van der Gaast, Head of Information Security, University of Salford
Melissa Bishop, Head of Security Assurance, Uber
                Amit Basu, Vice President, CIO & CISO, International Seaways
                Becky Pinkard, CISO, Aldemore
                Justin Berman, Head of Security, Dropbox

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