How DAST Solutions can be Maximized by IAST

  • Date 20 Oct 2020

How DAST Solutions can be Maximized by IAST

20 Oct 2020, 13:00 - 13:25

Technology Showcase

This session will go through the definition of a DAST solution including its strengths and limitations, and how IAST can enhance the functionality of a DAST solution by improving the scan coverage and quality of the test results. Focus will also be given on how the improved quality gained through an IAST agent can enrich the SDLC process of an organisation.

5 Benefits for Delegates:

  1. Understanding the benefits and limitations of DAST
  2. Learning about Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) 
  3. Learning about the benefits of IAST
  4. Insight into how IAST enhances DAST
  5. Understanding how IAST fits into the SDLC


Presented by: Mark Schembri, Technical Sales Engineer, Acunetix


Business Issues

  1. Business Issues Covered
    • Deliver security to drive and enable business growth‎
    • Understand internal and external threats and keep a business secure‎