Cynalytica Securely Enabling Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Industry 4.0

  • Date 20 Oct 2020

Cynalytica Securely Enabling Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Industry 4.0

20 Oct 2020, 16:00 - 16:25

Technology Showcase

Cynalytica delivers mature intrusion detection and behavioral monitoring tools for Industrial Control Systems and Industry 4.0. SerialGuard is a fail-safe sensor that passively monitors serial communications between field devices and controllers. AnalytICS Engine is an IDS and monitoring tool providing the ability to securely capture, baseline and analyze serial communications through encrypted communications. AnalytICS seamlessly integrates with third party SIEMs to provide ICS/SCADA operators maximum visibility across their OT networks. CyShrike is a non-signature based malware detection, identification and forensic tool that identifies evolving, unseen malware patterns using its unique ability to find similarities between code sequences.

5 Benefits for Delegates:

  1. Protect critical infrastructure by monitoring OT serial communications securely and reliably.
  2. Industrial health monitoring to extend asset life
  3. Reduces time to resolve cyber-physical incidents through early detection via alert monitoring and avoids asset damage, loss of life, injury and liability
  4. Learn how to store serial data and perform deep packet inspection on OT communications as well as create summary metrics and visualizations for system level analysis and threat hunting
  5. Discover a non-signature based way to detect malware that will help you shorten the CVE and incident response process by describing malicious functions that static analysis would take considerable amounts of time to initially discover

Presented by: Richard Robinson, CEO, Cynalytica, Inc.
                      Jessica Ohnona, EVP - Data Science, Cynalytica, Inc.

Business Issues

  1. Business Issues Covered
    • Deliver security to drive and enable business growth‎
    • Mitigate the effects of new vulnerabilities and exploits‎


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