IGA: Trends, Discontinuities and Strategies

  • Date 20 Oct 2020

IGA: Trends, Discontinuities and Strategies

20 Oct 2020, 12:00 - 12:45

Information Security Exchange

Core business drivers for IGA projects are fairly constant but we must constantly adapt our strategies to take account of change in the business, technology and regulatory landscapes. We can be sure that the bad guys are doing the same! In this talk Rob explores how these changes are driving new expectations for IGA and the strategies we need to respond.

5 Benefits for Deleagtes:

  1. Design breach-safe security policies
  2. Develop strategies for successful IAM programs 
  3. Develop frictionless security for agile business processes
  4. Evaluate and address new risks and challenges 
  5. Reduce gaps and discontinuities in security policy

Presented by: Robert Byrne, Field Strategist, One Identity 

Business Issues

  1. Business Issues Covered
    • Balance, manage and prioritise risk‎
    • Deliver security to drive and enable business growth‎


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