Rise of the Machines – The Importance of Security Automation

  • Date 20 Oct 2020

Rise of the Machines – The Importance of Security Automation

20 Oct 2020, 10:00 - 10:45

Information Security Exchange

Every day we are woken up by a connected alarm, perked up by the automated coffeemaker and perhaps even taken to work in a self-driving car… We live in a world that is becoming ever more connected. Once we get to work automation is also part of day-to-day work from SaaS applications to WAN management and workload automation, so why does it still feel as though cybersecurity is playing catch-up?

Join this session to learn the anatomies of AI-driven attacks, the challenges in responding to them, and the best places in the network to thwart them. We’ve automated threat prevention. What does it take to automate threat response?

5 Benefits for Delegates:

  1. Understand these attacks and, specifically, why they are so dangerous
  2. Recognise the challenges in responding to automated AI attacks, and identify where the best opportunities lie to thwart them 
  3. Gain early insight into developments to watch out for in the future
  4. Learn about machine intelligence, and the benefits of security automation
  5. See key use-cases for using automation in business today

Presented by: Laurence Pitt, Director Product Marketing, Juniper Networks Limited


Business Issues

  1. Business Issues Covered
    • Build a robust cyber response and resilience strategy
    • Demonstrate thought-leadership to ensure security is high for corporate agenda & capex justified‎