Infosecurity Europe
4-6 June 2024
ExCeL London

The Ultimate Cybersecurity
Learning Experience 

Our 2024 Conference Programme is split across nine stimulating stages over three days, giving you a comprehensive overview of everything in the infosecurity world – from the wide-ranging dilemmas facing the cyber industry to the intricate decisions needed to implement security solutions. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving you infosec knowledge. 

Keynote Stage

The Infosecurity Keynote Stage focuses on the key challenges in infosecurity with seasoned industry experts sharing their experience and insights. Through keynote sessions, panel discussions, fireside chats and interviews, we will guide you through how to successfully navigate ever-present cyber threats – accelerating your understanding of where you should dedicate your time, prioritise your resources and allocate your budget.

Strategy Talks

Strategy Talks sessions showcase the latest information and cybersecurity knowledge and expertise from the cutting-edge of the industry. This stage addresses the strategic business challenges impacting the information security world and illuminates a path to their solutions. Each session has been reviewed, graded and selected by the trusted members of our Infosecurity 2024 Advisory Council, giving the highest level of quality assurance.

Insight Stage

At the Insight Stage, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into in-depth presentations, dynamic panel discussions, and illuminating case studies. This stage is dedicated to revealing new perspectives and IT security approaches to use within your organisation, to enhance cyber-resilience and strengthen security posture. The Insight Stage is the perfect opportunity to ask your own questions around implementation and adoption of cyber solutions. 

Talking Tactics

Real world case studies brought together from an end user and vendor perspective. Learn from both end-users and vendors who have recently embarked on information security ventures. Gain insights into their triumphs and lessons learned, arming you with indispensable knowledge for your upcoming projects. Talking Tactics’ ‘how to’ sessions are designed to guide you through industry-specific challenges, moving beyond simply the application of a security product. 

Technology Showcase

At the Technology Showcase stage you’ll witness the latest cybersecurity technologies and tools, and be able to review how they can impact your security investment and business resilience. We will showcase the latest advanced solutions live in-person and address your specific requirements.

Innovation Showcase

The Innovation Showcase shines the spotlight on the latest innovations in cybersecurity, with case studies that show real-world examples of how infosec solutions have been implemented. Join your peers in meeting the best and brightest new minds in the industry – and sampling the state-of-the-art, exciting tech they’ve been working on that can maximise your ROI.

Tomorrow's Topics

For 2024, we are thrilled to welcome a brand-new event space – Tomorrow’s Topics. In this exclusive theatre, we will address upcoming infosecurity developments, and put you in the perfect position to seize future opportunities. Tomorrow’s Topics will cover thought-provoking issues such as channel, diversity and access to the industry, as well as touching on professional development. It’s essential for anyone passionate about looking beyond the horizon of the cyber sector.

Startup Showcase

At Infosecurity, we're all about backing pioneering companies on the rise. Our Startup Showcase is exclusively for organisations operating for three years or less – giving them a platform to shine in the industry. It's a must-visit stage to catch up on the latest developments and witness how working together can help lay down strong foundations for the success of up-and-coming companies and future generations of cyber firms.

Security Workshops

The Security Workshops are 90-minute tactical training sessions taking place in the South Gallery Rooms, away from the bustling show floor in a private space. They are in-depth practical meetings hosting expert speakers, and cover topics including understanding ransomware capabilities, simplifying your cyber assessment framework and the evolving future of API security.

The Workshops vary in format from group work, panels and presentations – in this interactive setting, you’ll be able to address your specific challenges and get advice on the optimal solutions, all while networking in close proximity with like-minded peers.