Infosecurity Europe
4-6 June 2024
ExCeL London

The Ultimate Cybersecurity
Learning Experience 

Infosecurity Europe: Where Cyber Defence Meets Knowledge Exchange

Immerse yourself in the realm of cutting-edge cybersecurity at Infosecurity Europe – the ultimate convergence of global solution providers, united by the shared mission of cyber defence. Over three transformative days, experience an extraordinary fusion of learning, networking, and exploration, featuring an unparalleled range of conference sessions, specialised workshops and events, and distinctive features.

Our Conference Programme: Elevating Cybersecurity through Collaboration

Infosecurity Europe’s Conference Programme is at the heart of the event’s three days of learning, discovery and insights, all under one roof. Our range of theatres will offer solutions for all levels of experience, from strategy talks, tactical sessions, roundtables to keynote sessions. Step away from the theatres and be immersed in the hands-on experience at Geek Street or come and see what’s new and innovative in the Discovery and Start up Zones. It’s time to rethink the power of infosecurity at Infosec 2024.

Keynote Stage

Featuring speakers from the sharp end of information security who are tackling information security challenges every day, the keynote programme will share best practice, case studies and real-life insight. You will hear presentations from end-users, policymakers, government, law enforcement professionals and a select number of industry-thought leaders, researchers and analysts. From intimate one-on-one discussions to dynamic panel debates and presentations, these sessions promise invaluable insights from those who shape the field.

Insight Stage

The Insight Stage features a programme of in-depth presentations, panel discussions and case studies. Experts will illuminate the latest advancements and educate the audience on the latest technological developments in information security, debating the latest cybersecurity trends and exchanging ideas. At the Insight Stage, attendees can expect to gain new perspectives and strategies to apply within their organisation, engage in debates on cybersecurity trends, threat intelligence, and cyber risk management, all while gaining actionable strategies to bolster your security posture and breach detection capabilities.

Geek Street

Step into Geek Street for immersive, hands-on learning experiences. Delve into the depths of security awareness guided by experts who decipher the latest vulnerabilities and present practical solutions you can take back to your business. Unleash your inner geek as you delve into immersive activities designed for varying levels of expertise, offering a well-rounded exploration of the cybersecurity skills you need to succeed in 2024.

Start up Showcase

Dive into the Start-Up Showcase, dedicated to cutting-edge companies at the forefront of technology with start up status. Featuring bite-size presentations, discover the newest tools being developed to protect against the latest cyber threats. A must-attend stage for Infosecurity professionals that want to stay ahead of the curve and hear about what’s beyond the horizon.

Strategy Talks

Strategy Talk sessions are a series of inspiring cyber defence presentations showcasing the latest information and cybersecurity insight, knowledge and expertise. These presentations address the strategic business challenges impacting information security. Learn how to optimise your organisation’s security posture and enhance security maturity.

Each one of these sessions has been reviewed, graded and selected by the trusted members of our infosecurity advisory council. Visit to hear important thought leadership presentations on the key themes and technologies facing the industry.

Technology Showcase

Embark on a technological journey at the Technology Showcase, where the latest in cyber risk management is waiting for you. Explore the innovation shaping the cybersecurity landscape in 2024, ensuring your organisation's threat detection and network security tools remain proactive and adaptive. Benchmark the latest advancements, from firewall protection to zero-day exploits mitigation and everything in-between, as you chart the course for a safer digital future.

Innovation Showcase

At the Innovation Showcase, experience the future of cybersecurity as exhibitors spotlight ground-breaking solutions. Engage with experts showcasing real-world implementations of cyber risk management strategies, threat detection methodologies, and incident response advancements. This is your chance to explore the future first-hand, discover tangible benefits as exhibitors guide you through their tech, and gauge return on investment.

Talking Tactics

Real world case studies brought together from an end user and vendor perspective. Learn from both end-users and vendors who have recently embarked on information security ventures. Gain insights into their triumphs and lessons learned, arming you with indispensable threat detection knowledge for your upcoming projects. These tactical ‘how to’ sessions are designed to guide you through specific cybersecurity challenges, moving beyond the application of a specific product.

Security Workshops

Immerse yourself in security workshops that supercharge your cybersecurity skills and boost your cyber threat intelligence. Expert speakers will guide you through intensive sessions on a range of technical topics to ensure you have the hard skills necessary to prevent security breaches and ensure business continuity. Engage in hands-on experiences, cultivate your security awareness, and build essential skills through collaborative group work, panel discussions, and engaging presentations.

Join the Conversation: Become a Speaker

Become a part of the dynamic discourse on cybersecurity. 

Become a speaker at Infosecurity Europe to establish yourself as a thought-leader and get your company in the minds of an eager Infosecurity audience.

Seize the opportunity to contribute to the conversation. Connect with us to explore your role in sharing actionable insights and enriching our collective cybersecurity knowledge.