13th - 15th July, 2021
Virtual Conference

Connecting Industry, Building Resilience, Strengthening Cybersecurity

Infosecurity Europe is the meeting place for the cybersecurity industry’s finest minds. Whilst we could not meet in person, we brought the community together as a digital only event from 13 – 15 July, with the portal still open On-Demand until the 29th July.

We assemble everyone and everything needed to protect your business from information security threats.

Cybercrime and cyber-criminals haven’t been deterred by the pandemic, and nor should we. As (COVID-19) infection rates soared across the globe, so too did cyber-attacks. The number of breached records have increased by 224% annually. The average cost of a data breach is $3.86m. Cybercrime has grown by 31%.

The stakes have never been higher, but neither has the drive and determination to defend. The cybersecurity industry’s collective resolve to build resilience and strengthen security posture is admirable, but the plight continues. Our work is never done.

Infosecurity Europe is the meeting place for the industry’s finest minds. Delivering expertise and knowledge from the world’s most celebrated cybersecurity experts, connecting practitioners with suppliers to find true solutions, and bringing together industry peers to network, share and ultimately, grow stronger and more resilient together.

Ways to participate

Being unable to meet in person has helped us find new ways to equip you with the solutions you need to protect your business. Whilst we prepare to meet in person again, we have created vitual oppotunities to allow you to hear from industry experts and connect with your peers. 

Virtual Participation

Whilst we can’t yet meet in person, we will be bringing the community together as a digital only event. Join virtually to discuss the latest challenges in information security, expand your knowledge and earn CPE and CPD credits in talks from expert speakers, and find and connect with suppliers with solutions to strengthen your defences.

Virtual Conference

With a fantastic series of keynote presentations, panel discussions and debates, we ran a Virtual Conference addressing the challenges of mitigating insider threats and building strong cyber security strategies to protect your business. If you missed it, you can still watch these sessions On-Demand

Why attend?

With threats increasing - 39% of UK businesses report a breach in the last year - equipping yourself with the right knowledge and tools has never been more important. The threats are complex, but finding solutions isn't.

Get updates on the latest threats

Ensure the effective protection of you companies key resources and systems. Get advice on the latest information and cyber security challenges or find immersive workshops and demonstrations to earn CPE & CPD credits.

Make informed decisions

Our curated conference programme means you can access all the information and industry expertise you need to make informed strategic decisions for your organisation.

Find solutions for your challenges

Compare the newest tech products that are solving today's and tomorrow's cyber security threats. Get technical advise so that you can be confident in the solution choices you make and the protection they provide. 

Join us at Infosecurity Europe

Protect your business, by removing the barriers to information and cyber security solutions.
Sometimes the biggest risk is doing nothing at all.