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New Threat landscape - Maxine Holt

Maxine Holt, Senior Research Director, Omdia Ensuring companies have access to the applications, data and services with require in a secure manner, ensuring BYOD are secure enough to provide access. Supporting staff who are working remotely in terms of mental health is also key. Combining people, process and technology is key, the “sticking plaster” employed at the beginning of the pandemic, is slowly being peeled back to reveal a dish-mash of security controls that require serious review to make them fit-for-purpose in this reset normality.

New Threat landscape - Steve Wright

Steve Wright, Partner, Privacy Culture Without peer review and with increased pressure people are more likely to make mistakes and try the easy route if they’re not sure. With the 400% increase in cyber crime, to mitigate risk organisations would be best to carry out a proper assessment on the whole impact of remote working, data, IT, general operations. Refresher training is essential, but so it supporting the mental health of those who are remote working so they don’t feel isolated..

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