Infosecurity Europe
4-6 June 2024
ExCeL London

What is Infosecurity Europe?

At its core, Infosecurity Europe is a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about keeping our digital world safe.

Since its inception in 1995, Infosecurity Europe has been an unmissable part of the cybersecurity calendar. It’s the continent’s leading information security event – the perfect chance to learn from experts, road-test the latest infosec tools and solutions, and build lasting relationships.

From our prestigious Keynote Stage to the bustling show floor, we’re proud to be a place where the industry’s biggest issues get discussed. By attending, you’ll come away with a game plan to tackle existing and upcoming cyber threats, while gaining exclusive insights and know-how from leaders immersed in the sector’s latest developments.

Let’s explore Infosecurity Europe further and answer some key questions you may have about our event.

What Is The Purpose of Infosecurity Europe?

Infosecurity Europe aims to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration within the cybersecurity community. By bringing together experts from various domains, including business, academia, and the public sector, we endeavour to advance cybersecurity strategies, solidify best practices, and explore the latest trends and technologies shaping the cybersecurity landscape.

You’ll get to sample cutting-edge solutions from leading vendors, with hands-on experiences and actionable insights to boost your security defences. By attending Infosecurity Europe, you can stay ahead of the curve, fortify your cybersecurity posture, and contribute to building a safer digital ecosystem for both organisations and individuals.

Why Do We Need Infosecurity Europe?

As cyber-attacks grow in sophistication and frequency, the need for robust cybersecurity measures has never been more pressing. Cyber criminals are constantly devising new methods to exploit vulnerabilities, and it’s imperative for security professionals to adapt accordingly.

Infosecurity Europe provides the perfect platform to keep on top of the latest developments in an ever-evolving threat landscape, bringing together leading experts and innovative technologies to help organisations stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

Our event, held annually at ExCeL London, features a comprehensive conference programme covering a wide range of topics such as cloud security, artificial intelligence, data privacy, risk management and beyond.

Who Should Attend Infosecurity Europe?

Infosecurity Europe has something for everyone – no matter the stage of their infosec journey. Our diverse range of attendees comprises cybersecurity professionals, IT executives, policymakers, and technology enthusiasts of all stripes.

This diverse representation not only provides a well-rounded perspective at our event, but also reflects the universal importance of information security in today's society.

Whether you are a seasoned security expert seeking to deepen your knowledge, a business delegate focused on procurement or a newcomer looking to explore career opportunities in a fast-growing sector, Infosecurity Europe offers a wealth of resources.

From thought-provoking keynotes given by leading specialists to insightful panel discussions, interactive workshops and practical product demonstrations, you’re sure to find something both enlightening and exciting around every corner.

What Does the Infosecurity Europe Team Do?

The Infosecurity Europe team plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the event, ensuring its seamless execution and relevance to the cybersecurity community. From curating a compelling agenda featuring renowned speakers and thought leaders to coordinating logistics and exhibitor arrangements, the team works tirelessly to create an immersive and enriching experience for visitors and exhibitors alike.

Additionally, the team actively engages with industry stakeholders, sponsors, and partners to foster collaboration and drive innovation in the field of information security. This includes our trusted Advisory Council, featuring industry luminaries that help make sure that Infosecurity Europe has the highest level of quality assurance.

Cybersecurity is more crucial than ever. The growing reliance on digital infrastructure, expanding connectivity, and the sophistication of cyber threats pose significant risks to individuals, businesses, and even national security in our interconnected world.

This has made Infosecurity Europe even more important, as organisations attempt to stay safe and secure from cyber-attacks and grow their information security knowledge.

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