Infosecurity Europe
4-6 June 2024
ExCeL London

Stephanie Hare to Headline Women in Cybersecurity event at Infosecurity Europe 2024

The Women in Cybersecurity event will be returning to Infosecurity Europe for its eighth year in 2024.

Stephanie Hare, author of "Technology is Not Neutral: A Short Guide to Technology Ethics" and contributor to BBC Television's "Artificial Intelligence: Decoded," will deliver the keynote address for the event.

She will share her thoughts on how AI will impact the cybersecurity industry and the future of work with women in mind.

As technology advances, we need to recognise the skillsets and talent behind these advancements and embed this into future roles and cybersecurity strategies.

I will be hosting the event and am delighted to have Stephanie's diverse expertise and insights into the technological landscape, which will undoubtedly provide attendees with valuable perspectives on the future of cybersecurity.

Stephanie, alongside a panel of leading women in cybersecurity, will present on the keynote stage in the main exhibition floor to share their stories, covering topics including imposter syndrome and mentorship, through to negotiation skills and how to build your brand.

The event will take place from 15:00 to 17:30 on Wednesday 5 June.

Register here to secure your place. 

Why We Still Need Women in Cybersecurity Events 

In 2023, the UK Government found that only 17% of the cyber workforce is female and women only account for 14% of senior roles in cyber.

Overall, the proportion of cyber roles held by women is lower than for other digital sectors (17% vs. 29% across all UK digital sectors).

With the global skills gap now sitting at 4 million, there is a clear untapped recruitment pool and there is potential to transition more women into cyber roles and assist them in their careers to reach senior positions.

These statistics reinforce the need for events like these to help foster talent and create spaces for those from all walks of life to discuss challenges and be inspired by their peers.  

The event is not limited to women in cybersecurity roles; allies and employers are encouraged to attend. The session will give insights into the industry from a Women in Cybersecurity perspective, affording attendees knowledge on how to support, attract, and retain women in their teams and how to encourage diversity and address barriers faced by women in organisations.

Industry Partners Support the Women in Cybersecurity Event 

Sponsoring the event are 1Password (password manager) and Akamai FLAME (Female Learning and Mentoring Experience).

Akamai FLAME is committed to empowering female tech talent and shaping the future of the industry through executive sponsorship, knowledge sharing, and growth mindsets.

Natalie Billingham, SVP EMEA Sales and Channels & Managing Director EMEA at Akamai Technologies, commented: “Akamai FLAME (Female Learning and Mentoring Experience) is passionate about supporting and empowering female tech talent to help shape the future of our industry. We’re proud sponsors of the Women in Cybersecurity event as it champions women across the tech industry - whether you’re starting out in your career or progressing up the ladder.

“We hope to empower women to take charge of their careers and keep their tech flame alive by nurturing a spirit of executive sponsorship, knowledge sharing, and growth mindset. #KeepYourTechFlameAlive”

Meanwhile, Sara Teare, co-founder at 1Password, said: “As a founder within the cybersecurity community, and growing the company for almost two decades, I know firsthand that this industry comes with its own pressures. I’ve taken the time to find the opportunities to learn new ways forward when unforeseen circumstances or setbacks arise, and look for ways to grow.”

“I believe strongly in leading by example and taking an active role in mentorship and career development, along with working within our team to find ways to better support the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in all technology roles. Taking these steps to help create an environment where women can excel within cybersecurity allows us all to build strong products and a safer, more secure future for all.”

Find out more about the Women in Cybersecurity event at Infosecurity Europe 2024 here


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