Infosecurity Europe
20–22 June 2023
ExCeL London

Jenny Radcliffe has been officially selected as our Hall of Fame inductee for 2022.
Known as The People Hacker, Jenny is the founder and director of Human Factor Security, which provides assessment and consultancy services to help organisations address the human element of cybersecurity – often seen as the ‘weakest link’ in the chain. 
On Thursday 23 June she will be delivering the Hall of Fame Annual Lecture 2022; in her presentation – Facta Non Verba - Six Life Lessons from a Social Engineer Jenny will reflect on a lifetime of social engineering and physical infiltration work, discussing the most important lessons she’s learned and sharing her thoughts on how her profession, and the industry as a whole, might continue into the future.

About the Infosecurity Hall of Fame

The Infosecurity Hall of Fame celebrates the achievements and visions of internationally-recognised information security luminaries, practitioners and advocates.

The selection process for the Hall of Fame is based on four key criteria. Hall of Fame inductees must:

  • Be an internationally-recognised and respected information security practitioner or advocate.
  • Have made a clear and long-term (10+ years) contribution to the advancement of information security.
  • Have provided intellectual or practical input that has contributed to and accelerated the advancement of information security.
  • Be an engaging thought-leader, demonstrating creativity and originality within information security.

The Infosecurity Magazine and Infosecurity Europe Editorial and Content teams select the Hall of Fame inductee.

Industry luminaries who have been recognised in the Infosecurity Hall of Fame include James Lyne, Mikko Hypponnen, Shlomo Kramer, Rik Ferguson, Professor Fred Piper, Bruce Schneier, Whitfield Diffie, Dan Kaminsky, Eugene Kaspersky, Phil Zimmerman, Troy Hunt and Wendy Nather.



Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs, Cisco

A leader and a mentor, Wendy is at the forefront of cyber security, having led IT security for the EMEA region within UBS, as well as for the Texas Education Agency.

She coined the term “Security Poverty Line” in 2011 to describe the complex dynamics that challenge organisations of all sizes, and often speaks to “the chemistry of data” in capturing sudden movements in digital security.


Troy Hunt, Regional Director, Microsoft

Troy was recognised for his contribution to the advancement of information security good practice as an industry advocate through his security research, public education and outreach work. And for creating Have I Been Pwned? enabling non-technical users to discover whether their data has been compromised.


James Lyne, Global Research Advisor

James was recognised for his contribution to security research and to the advancement of information security good practice through his work as an industry advocate and in developing the cyber skills of young people.


Professor Mary Aiken, Forensic Cyberpsychologist

Mary was recognised for her outstanding contribution to the advancement of information security as the world's leading expert in Forensic Cyberpsychology, her work as an advocate and educator in information security and her role in raising the profile of the information security sector.


  • Brian Honan, Founder & CEO BH Consulting


  • Jack Daniel, Security Strategist


  • Dr Eric Cole, Chief Scientist, Secure Anchor Consulting; Fellow, SANS Institute


  • Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer, F-SECURE
  • Shlomo Kramer, President & CEO, IMPERVA
  • Alan Turing (posthumously), pioneer in Computer Science


  • John Colley
  • Raj Samani 
  • Colonel (Ret’d) John Doody


  • Neira Jones
  • Graham Cluley
  • Rik Ferguson


  • Merlin, Lord Erroll
  • Stephen Bonner
  • Ed Gibson
  • Charlie McMurdie
  • Eugene Kaspersky


  • Dan Kaminsky
  • David Lacey
  • Dr Paul G Dorey
  • Dr. Whitfield Diffie
  • Phil Zimmermann


  • Adam Laurie
  • Professor Fred Piper
  • Alan Paller
  • Bruce Schneier
  • Professor Howard Schmidt

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