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Want to stay informed on and engaged with the most pressing industry topics of the moment? You're in luck. From our array of online offerings, we've gathered some great insights and sessions you can watch on demand to develop your organisation's resilience and ability to cope with, recover from and learn from incidents. Watch these sessions on demand if you want to learn how to implement strategies to manage human risk and discover how you can guide your team towards creating stronger security. 

Ensuring the cyber resilience of the UKs most critical systems

Learn how to best mitigate malicious cyber activity that aims to exploit network infrastructure devices. Absorb the insights of the panel discussion where insight on how to analyse the scope of the threat to CNI was discussed, with key learnings on how to driveeffective risk mitigation.   

Addressing cybersecurity risks

This session will explore the current state of the risk landscape, assessing why phishing emails, ransomware, video hijaking and phone scams continue to be such resilient attack vectors. The session also outlined what makes an effective, modern cyber defence strategy. 

Building a resilient company culture that will help employees thrive

Watch this webinar to learn how to enable your company to better anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to ever-increasing market disruptions, shifts in customer preferences and challenging competitor tactics.

How to effectively manage the human element of risk

Attackers are continuously evolving their behaviours and defenders must respond accordingly. As attackers are becoming more punitive, destructive, and tech-savvy, defenders must shift not only their mind-set but also their people, processes, and technologies to account for attackers behaviours.

Working and securing business remotely to achieve business continuity

Mobile working and remote systems access exposes new risks that need to be managed. Watch this session to learn how to establish risk based policies and procedures that support mobile working and protect your company's confidential information, helping employees know where to find assistance and how to create contingency plans in case of emergencies. 

Strong leadership for uncertain times

CISOs have one of the most difficult and challenging jobs in any business today. They are constantly on duty to ensure that security patches are applied and maintain the secure configuration of all systems, while delivering cyber security awareness training. This session will help you better plan, prioritise, and set guidelines to achieve security success.

Allocating the security budget: How to do more with less?

Information security professionals are under increasing pressure to maximise ROI on their investments in security solutions. Watch this session to get advice from our panel of experts on how to the quantify the level of security that is affordable, risk appropriate and fits your security strategy. 

Creating more resilient supply chains

In today's uncertain times, supply chain vulnerability has become an issue of significance for many companies. As working patterns are now more flexible and supply chains became more global and complex, it’s a challenge for businesses to manage and mitigate increasing risks. This session will help you balance downward cost pressures, the raising need for efficiency, and the risks of routine supply chain failures.

Implementing information security controls to manage 2020's risk in the SME

SMEs are seen as an easier target than large organisations that have the budget, teams and motivation to invest in cybersecurity. In this session, you will learn from a panel of expert speakers who will share insight into the steps small and medium sized businesses can take to defend against cyber risks and threats, protect their customer’s data and respond to an incident.

Infosecurity Magazines women in cybersecurity

Infosecurity Magazine is thrilled to be virtually hosting the 4th annual Women in Cybersecurity networking event. The industry will once again meet to celebrate the women of cybersecurity and discuss the challenges around diversity.

Infosecurity Magazines state of cybersecurity report: Which trends are driving cybersecurity in 2020?

Infosecurity Magazine presents findings from its third State of Cybersecurity Report. Deputy editor Dan Raywood will reflect on data from this year’s research revealing the most popular trends impacting and driving the information security industry today.

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Need even more insight? Watch more of our on demand sessions to hear from the  the likes of Airbus, NCSC, JLL, Pearson, Opel and Liber to gain the new ideas and inspiration you need to strengthen your organisation's security structure.