13th - 15th July, 2021
Olympia, London & Virtual

Virtual Conference

08-10 JUNE 2021

The programme addresses the challenges of mitigating insider threats, and building strong cybersecurity strategies to protect an organisation’s critical information assets as the world around us transforms.
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Infosecurity Europe’s Virtual Conference is bringing the information security community together digitally; providing access to expert insight that can be applied to strengthen your business security. 

Running from June 8 – 10, our virtual conference is featuring expert speakers who will share best-practice, case studies and real life insight. The content sessions features a variety of formats including keynote & case-study presentations, panel discussions, and debates. Presentations are led by end-users, senior decision-makers, (CISOs, Head of Information & Cyber Security, etc.) and a select number of industry-thought leaders, influencers, and researchers.

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DAY 1 - Cyber Defenders

The current pandemic presents organisations with an entirely new and unfamiliar set of risks to manage. As the COVID-19 crisis stretches into months, the resilience of new security tools, new ways of working, and employees themselves is constantly tested. Sessions will cover topics on how to mitigate ever-growing insider threats with the necessary knowledge, awareness and risk background to react appropriately.

10:00 – 10:45 (BST)

Speaker: Mikko Hypponen, Researcher, 

Technology shapes the world. The more successful a new technology becomes, the more reliant we will become of it. This has always happened and will happen in the future too. In many ways, internet is the best and worst innovation done during our lifetime. We were all given a free and open internet, but what kind of an internet will we be leaving behind? Our global networks are being threatened by surveillance and crime. How did we get here? And where will we go next?

11:30 – 12:00 (BST)
Dr. Kevin Jones, Global CISO, Airbus

Dr. Kevin Jones will share practical actionable insight to help you think differently and identify ways for security to work with an organisation’s people in order to raise cybersecurity awareness at a global scale. During this session, you will learn how to empower your people with the right tools and approach, so that employees can be the strongest link in an organisation’s cyber-defence.

13:30 – 14:15 (BST)
ModeratorDr. Victoria Baines, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Oxford

PanellistsDr. Kevin Jones, Global CISO, Airbus / Kirsten Davies, SVP & CISO, The Estée Lauder Companies / James Spiteri, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Elastic Security / Aurobindo Sundaram, Head of Information Assurance & Data Protection, RELX

The current pandemic presents organisations with an entirely new and unfamiliar set of risks to manage. As the COVID-19 crisis stretches into months, the resilience of new security tools, new ways of working, and employees themselves is constantly tested. In this session you will learn how to take a programmatic approach to tackle insider threats and change behaviour of employee, execs, and the board. 

15:00 – 15:45 (BST)
Stu Hirst, CISO, Trustpilot 
Victoria Guilloit, Partner, Privacy Culture Ltd / Craig McEwen, CISO, AngloAmerican / Richard Davis, Cybersecurity Strategist, Proofpoint / Ricardo Lafosse, CISO, The Kraft Heinz Company

Employees are the first line of defense against cyber security attacks. As a security leader, the strength of your security awareness program depends on your ability to give your colleagues the knowledge, skills, and confidence to recognize phishing attacks, be aware of CEO fraud, and understand how easy it is to be tricked by social engineering. This discussion will help you build a cyber-secure mindset to help keep your organization aware, secure, and protected. 

DAY 2 - Cyber Innovators

Digital transformation and new, nimble working practices are changing the security landscape. The 24/7 connected user is demanding flexible, agile systems and processes. Information security professionals need to be constantly looking ahead to prepare for the next threat or major technological development. Day 2 programme will address the challenges of building strong cybersecurity strategies and tactics to protect an organisation’s critical information assets.

10:00 – 10:45 (BST)
Senior Representative, NCSC

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in cyber-attacks on businesses and consumers, making the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)’s role more important than ever. As organisations undertake unprecedented structural changes, digital transformation and connectivity, the digital security perimeter is evolving rapidly. This talk will discuss the key threats and issues the NCSC has encountered as it seeks to makes the UK safe online. 

11:30 – 12:00 (BST)
Mouhamad Omar, Information Security Officer, TUI France

Many information and cybersecurity professionals still face challenges in establishing a robust information security posture. In this session, you will learn how to reframe your security posture as a significant business enabler to support agility, innovation and growth as well as being a competitive differentiator. 

13:30 – 14:15 (BST)
 James Mckinlay, Group Information Security Officer, Barbican Insurance Group
Mal Smyth, Global Head of Cyber Governance, Risk and Control, Vodafone / Gaynor Rich, Group Director (VP) Cybersecurity Compliance & BCM - Deputy CISO, BT / Laurie Mercer, Senior Solutions Engineer, HackerOne / Milos Pesic, Global Head of Information and Cyber Security, Marken Ltd

Cyber-attacks are one of the most dangerous threats that businesses face each day. Against the backdrop of a complex and growing cyber threat landscape, It’s simply not enough to have an IT security policy in place. During this session, the panel of experts will help you better communicate the value of cybersecurity across business units and the steps you can take to increase the board’s engagement level. 

15:00 – 15:45 (BST)
Augusto Barros, VP of Solutions, Securonix
Ange Johnson de Wet, Head of Cloud and Technology Change Risk, Lloyds Banking Group / Nitesh Kumar, Global Head of Risk, BNP Paribas / Hila Meller, Vice President Security Europe, BT / Trish McGill, Management Consultant Cyber Security IT/OT, Ilionx / Michela Menting, Digital Security & Blockchain Research Director, ABI Research / Carl Erickson, VP, CISO, Johnson Controls 

As complexity and sprawl increase, implementing appropriate security across the whole environment becomes challenging. During this interactive discussion, industry experts will revisit solutions for securing complex enterprise and keeping security simple, whilst enabling the business. 

DAY 3 - Cyber Community

In light of the ever growing cybersecurity skills gap, and an exploding attack surface, infosecurity leaders are now shifting their focus. Solving the skills gap crisis requires a different way of thinking, for organisations and talent. On Day 3, learn how to cultivate a security mindset, encourage apprenticeship programs, and embrace diversity in all its forms to find, nurture and train professionals. Our community needs to work together to share knowledge, learn from each other to get ahead of cyber-criminals.

10:00 – 10:45 (BST)
Wendy Nather, Head of Advisory CISOs, Cisco and Hall of Fame alummna, Infosecurity Group

The so-called cybersecurity skills shortage is all a matter of perspective. As technology gets democratised, so does security; the skills we need come from all walks of life. It’s time to broaden our definitions of what it means to be “technical,” who is “in security” and who isn’t, and who is already doing the work unrecognized. It’s not a pipeline problem, it’s a vision problem. Let’s take the blinders off.

11:30 – 12:00 (BST)
Speaker: Naina Bhattacharya, CISO, Danone

Reporting suggests the information security sector continues to suffer from a shortage of skilled professionals, with nearly 3 million unfilled roles globally and 150,000 in EMEA alone. Skilled resources, diverse workforce together with a safe and healthy working environment remain key to securing organisations against a dynamic and diverse cyber threat. During this presentation, you will learn how team culture can help us build, develop, and retain talent & the responsibility of security leaders in shaping it. 

13:30 – 14:15 (BST)
ModeratorPhilip Whittaker, Head of Information Security, British Red Cross
PanellistsLucy Martin, Recognition Manager, (ISC)² / Dr. Claudia Natanson, Chair, UK Cyber Security Council / Vicki Gavin, Head of Information Security & Compliance, Kaplan International

The number of information security jobs is continuing to grow as organisations struggle to hire skilled professionals; but starting a career in information security is not easy. Many young professionals are unsure about where to start, what does the role involves, and what are the career paths available? During this session, our panel of experienced information security experts will help you understand how to go from complete novice, to getting your first job, to reaching the top of the industry. 

15:00 – 15:45 (BST)
Moderator: Yiannis Pavlosoglou, Member Board Of Directors, (ISC)² 
Speakers: Lisa Ventura, CEO & Founder, UK Cyber Security Association / Laura Louthan, Founder, Angel Cybersecurity  / Lee Whatford, CISO, Domino’s Pizza UK & Ireland Ltd / Victoria van Roosmalen, CISO & DPO, Coosto / Kathryn Cardose, Cyber Security Operations - Senior Manager, Virgin Money / Dai Davis, Partner, Percy Crow Davis & Co

Cyber security starts with your employees. Finding cybersecurity talent isn't easy, but it's even harder if you use the same old sourcing, training and development tactics. Join this interactive session to debate tips and strategies to establish the knowledge, skills and experience required for cyber security jobs. Industry experts will also discuss their plans to attract more talent and increase diversity in the cyber security workforce. 

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